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Compania Trans Maritima, S.A. de C.V. is a Logistic Operator based in Monterrey. It offers complete world-wide logistics services and covers the entire supply chain, including services such as: sea, air and land transportation, customs procedures, foreign commerce procedures, insurance, storage and distribution.


Company Profile

COMPANY TRANSMARITIMA, combines Specialized and Professional Solutions and Services with International Logistics and Foreign Commerce. This is strengthened by Strategic Alliances that make Administration of the Supply Chain easy and transparent.
To be your company’s essential partner in the area of international logistics. To offer the best cost-service-benefit relationship to boost your success by successfully competing as a partner in your supply chain within a global environment.



Our company offers high quality, complete and professional services for International Logistics, always seeking long term relationships and the best cost-service-benefit relationship with our clients.

We are committed to being company whose members use the values and principles of excellence within an environment of team work.

We will always be committed to being a very competitive, profitable, innovative, flexible and institutional company that is constantly seeking growth and continuous improvement.

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